California Roads - CA 204/Bus. CA 99/old US 99

CA 204/Business CA 99 and former US 99

CA 204 SB ends here and Business CA 99 continues on down Union Ave.

CA 204 NB begins. The CA 58 shield was sloppily patched over a shorter, wider version lacking the state name.

Continuing north to more lack of state name. At least it's forgivable (and typical) in button copy form.

CA 204 SB gets a direct ramp to CA 178, but this doesn't tell you it's only to head east. SB-EB and WB-NB are the only two interchange ramps. As you saw above, CA 204 NB uses the at-grade interchange along Union Ave., but there is nothing between north and west, perhaps because the CA 178 freeway was never completed along the north side of Bakersfield. If there had been, the next interchange west (Chester Ave.?) may have dictated how that was signed.

CA 204 NB will soon end by merging into CA 99 NB.

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