California Roads - CA 17

CA 17

Dusk is not a great time to take opposite-direction photos. (Or even same-direction.) Here's what came out on CA 17 NB at Exit 27, where CA 17 becomes I-880 since 1984. Until then, the freeway ahead was also part of 17. The last photo is on the Exit 27B ramp.

The SB entrance from Stevens Creek Blvd. splits to I-280 and CA 17 as I-880 SB ends.

SB signs to the Exit 23 ramp, where you can see why I was trying to use flash as much as possible. It didn't recharge in time for this photo, unfortunately.

On down the Exit 22 ramp where I left the highway. The two photos before that are left and right on the same gantry. Shortly after CA 9, CA 17 ceases to be a freeway for several miles until it nears its end in Santa Cruz.

Continue north onto I-880, former CA 17

Exit 22 to CA 85
Exit 27 to I-280
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