California Roads - CA 160

CA 160

The railroad bridge on 16th St. north of C St. clearly was designed for bi-directional traffic. It dates to the Lincoln Highway days when this was US 40. When US 40 was rerouted onto I-80 (and then later decommissioned in the state), this became CA 160. More recently, CA 160 was pulled out of downtown to end at the southern city limit (conveniently next to an I-5 interchange) and begin again at the American River crossing, so this is now 4 NB lanes of nothing.

As if you needed proof. My word should be good enough.

This is tacked onto the building at the NW corner of Sproule Ave., just across from the last (largest) Historic US 40 sign.

CA 160 begins and ends with button copy. The last photo is on the shared Arden Way exit ramp from CA 160 NB and Bus. I-80 EB, which is why west is signed back to CA 160.

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