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CA 130

All but one of the photos are WB.

If the strange signs didn't give it away, this part of CA 130 isn't state-maintained. It's also not CA 130. The legislatively defined CA 130 route was supposed to follow this path across the mountains to Patterson, but because none of it was built or upgraded by the state past Lick Observatory, none of it ever became CA 130 officially. Stanislaus County doesn't sign a lick of this route, but Santa Clara Co. is all too enthusiastic about using reverse color shields with multiple incorrect fonts.

Santa Clara Co. is also too enthusiastic about mile markers, painting them in the roadway every mile instead of putting up mileposts like a normal department. Of note, mile 0 corresponds to the first Caltrans signs you'll see along the road, an indication that the state highway has actually begun. Also of note, the EB shield that you see the back of in the last photo is not part of an "END" assembly, so shame on Caltrans for encouraging Santa Clara Co.

As I noted, county mile 0 is at Lick Observatory, and this is the sign at its exit.

Since you can't possibly read this sign, it's for the Methodist Episcopal Covenant, painted over an older church name on the sign, which doesn't help legibility. Just like its murky east end, CA 130 ends at the San Jose line by definition, but the relinquished portions of the route west of there (given over to the city) are still considered and signed as part of CA 130, and San Jose is required to maintain them in working order. I don't know what happens if they fail, as I don't think the state gets the road back.

Older signs that are certainly state-erected, though that's typically the case at interchanges.

Here's the lone EB sign on the page.

This is or was the end of CA 130, depending on how you view relinquishments.

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