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CA 125

CA 125's southern end was constructed as a toll road, and it was supposed to tie into the new CA 905 (to become I-905) freeway constructed into the Otay Mesa border crossing. The NB side has finally been completed as of 2020, but the SB connection is still tabled, so this forced exit to Otay Mesa Rd. remains. I'm not quite sure why, especially given the toll funding for the highway.

The SB stub north of Otay Mesa Rd. and, in 2014, looking across at the NB stub.

This could be considered the first shield on the route pre-completion.

Looking east at the San Ysidro Mountains across the NB Otay Mesa Rd. entrance (of "first shield" fame) into the stubbed NB roadway.

NB button copy on the free part of the freeway. (Yes, a freeway can be tolled. Traffic still moves freely.) It's rare to see a green shield on an old sign; they were typically done in button copy outline, which works because the sign background is also green, albeit less reflective of a shade.

Starting off SB. The last two photos are on the Exit 18A ramp, which is obviously the number for the I-8 exit. Someday, maybe in 50 years, every exit will have numbers and everyone will actually refer to them. I shouldn't get my hopes up.

Finishing the free SB button copy. Notice the extra roadway width provided on both sides of the I-8 interchange - oh, wait, Exit 18A, right - and in both directions, ready to accommodate future expansion of the rest of the roadway but sitting unused for now. It may tie into the new (improved) ramps between this direction of 125 and CA 94 to the east, but I can't see that much traffic going that way. If it's meant for future traffic staying on CA 125 and the toll road, good luck with that.

CA 905 and the CA 125 stub

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