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CA 120

CA 120 WB is about to end, but first it crosses the San Joaquin River on the 1949 Mossdale Bridge, built when US 50 continued from Sacramento to San Francisco via Tracy. Since the bridge was relatively new but too narrow to carry I-5, it was left for the WB-SB ramp. The 1926 bridge is to the right, replacing a 1917 county span that must have been too lightweight for a US highway. It was part of the original Lincoln Highway, which became US 48 in 1926 before being taken over by US 50 in 1931, and then the two together served the dual carriageways of US 50 for many years thereafter.

More photos of the two, including the bascule counterweight perched above the newer roadway. The river is no longer considered navigable and I-5 is on fixed spans at the same elevation.

Heading back east on Yosemite Ave., the old surface alignment of CA 120 in Manteca. It was bypassed in 1980 and I would believe the sign and blinkers at McKinley Ave. to date to then.

Ignore the sign (but not its message) and feast upon the old market sign at #905 W. Yosemite Ave.

Modern CA 120 bypasses Manteca on a southerly freeway and then uses CA 99 to get back to Yosemite Ave. Photos are NB/EB and SB/WB, respectively.

As far as I can tell, this was on CA 120 EB in 1983, courtesy Michael Summa. Tonopah is in Nevada. If not for the JCT US 6, I would believe this is on US 6 NB.

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