California Roads - CA 110/US 66

and former US 66

The shield above looks perfect, but that's the problem. It's on Arroyo Pkwy. at Morgan Alley, which is north of Glenarm Street and thus north of the beginning of CA 110 as of 2009. I was there in 2011, so the shield isn't all that far from having been correct, and the road certainly still becomes CA 110 in short order, but wrong is wrong, and there should have been an arrow added underneath.

Button copy on the combined ramp from CA 110 NB/SB to US 101 SB, branching before it merges.

CA 110 NB/old US 66 EB

CA 110 SB/old US 66 WB

Looking south at the beginning of the Arroyo Seco Parkway (formerly Pasadena Freeway, but originally Arroyo Seco Parkway again) and the new beginning of CA 110. I think the Parkway name is better suited for the characteristics of the northern half of the road, but the southern half is very much a Freeway. This road is renowned as the first freeway in the western U.S., though far from the first in the country (NYC area) or world (autobahnen in Germany, autostrada in Italy, etc.).

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