California Roads - CA 1/US 101

and CA 1/US 101

The header photo was taken NB in or near Malibu in 1976, courtesy Michael Summa. Dig the triangular bus sign.

SB in Harbor City, which Los Angeles annexed to get port access next to Long Beach.

CA 1 SB turns into a freeway, heads through a tunnel, and suddenly becomes I-10 EB. CA 1 exits quickly at Exit 1A, and back in 1976, this was the sign at the exit, courtesy Michael Summa. If you're not familiar with California highways, they have just taken up exit numbering after 50 years of resistance, but a little-known experiment about 40 years ago actually led to exit number plaques on various signs around L.A., obviously including this one.

On the US 101 NB Exit 66 ramp in Ventura, shared in the last two (right and left sides) photos with the CA 126 WB Exit 1A ramp. CA 1 jumped on at Exit 62B while both routes hug the coast together.

Main St. EB, old US 101, at that exit. Needless to say, CA 1 should also be signed here. I almost take button copy for granted when I'm in California, but this will all be gone someday.

Remaining photos are all northbound and courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Hm, might CA 227 have been rerouted sometime after the creation of this sign? It formerly ended at Marsh and Higuera Streets in downtown San Luis Obispo, which are former CA 1/US 101.

Up to the end of the CA 1/US 101 concurrency. There are quite a lot of exits in a short distance, an obvious sign that this is an old freeway. (As if the signs didn't give it away.) Spanish lesson for the day: "Osos" means "Bears." The bear being the official state animal.

Morro Strand State Beach is at the next left, but for day use only, says the brown background button copy.

Putting the Pacific Coast in the Highway.

Putting the metric in the mileage. (Why?)

This bridge closed a gap that required a detour of many miles inland and back out, one of the major engineering challenges and architectural landmarks of CA 1.

Keep your kilometers, California. Just give us the scenery. From the position of the ocean, the last photo faces south.

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