California Roads - CA 1/US 101

NB, in/near Malibu in 1976, courtesy Michael Summa. Dig the triangular bus sign.

CA 1 still manages to be scenic in the San Francisco metro area.

LAX Airport and south
LAX Airport to Point Mugu
Point Mugu to Vandenberg AFB
 ~ CA 1/US 101, Ventura to Santa Barbara
 ~ CA 1/US 101, Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo
Vandenberg AFB to Little Sur River
Bixby Creek to Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz to Devil's Slide
Pacifica to Point Reyes Station
 ~ CA 1/US 101, San Francisco to Sausalito
      • CA 1/US 101 on the Golden Gate Bridge
      • Side views of the Golden Gate Bridge
Tomales and north

CA 232 NB leaving CA 1, tantalizing you to do the same with button copy.

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