California Roads - Bus. I-8, El Cajon/Old US 80

Business I-8, El Cajon -

Blossom Valley Rd. WB and Lake Jennings Park Rd. NB at their intersection. Business I-8 may begin here, but more likely begins just to the south on Lake Jennings Park Rd. at I-8 Exit 23. Business 8 is indeed the official name of the road heading west.

Lake Jennings Park Rd. NB, with button copy to the left and right at that intersection. Assume this is Business I-8 WB.

Business I-8 EB at the intersection. (I spent some time here.) It begins at Exit 15 on the other side of El Cajon. This approach certainly has the weirdest signs of the bunch.

The end of Business I-8 EB, a.k.a. Lake Jennings Park Rd. SB.

Continue west on old US 80 to San Diego (former Business I-8)
Continue east on old US 80 into San Diego County

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