California Roads - Bus. I-5 Red Bluff/old US 99

Business I-5, Red Bluff and former US 99

All photos but one were taken southbound.

Looking west at Dibble Creek from the north end of Business I-5.

I bore right off the main highway onto Grant Street to check out this 1920 bridge over Brewery Creek. It's now a one-way southbound ramp to Breckenridge St., but it used to be the two-way US 99 mainline. US 99 turned left after crossing the bridge to stay on what's now Grant St. into Main St.

A look north, where I'm not allowed to go back.

The plaques on the northwest and southeast corners of the bridge.

This sign assembly is at Pine St., but I think it's meant for Antelope Blvd. It still doesn't make much sense, because I clearly crossed historic US 99 on the Grant St. bridge.

This is not the only CSAA U-turn sign in town. Hopefully they're still all there.

Down toward the south end of the route, ending like I began with a railroad bridge. The clearance is painted on the side - 14'-6" - a deprecated practice that has been supplanted by putting it overhead where it belongs.

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