California Roads - Bus. I-5 Dunsmuir/old US 99

Dunsmuir and former US 99

I started with the odd, so here, have the old. This is Dunsmuir Ave. NB at the NB I-5 ramp. The road then snakes over I-5 to the SB ramps. The arrows in the first sign really ought to agree.

Back to the weird (shields), SB. The second sign is right after the I-5 SB onramp, so it can't be for confused drivers. My guess is that it's reassuring tourists that they can visit Dunsmuir and still find the highway after.

Dunsmuir Ave. has an uninteresting girder bridge over the Sacramento River, while I-5 SB gets this classic concrete arch from 1955. CA 99 was built on a new alignment to bypass Dunsmuir Ave., and that new alignment was later twinned to become I-5. This allowed the original bridge from where I'm taking these photos (from north to Soda Creek Ridge in the south) to be replaced.

The northern reaches of the business route, SB to the I-5 Exit 730 entrance ramp just north of the river.

Business I-5 turns onto Siskiyou Ave. and ends at I-5 Exit 732. The second photo is Siskiyou Ave. NB handing off Business I-5 SB to former US 99.

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