California Roads - Bus. US 101 Ventura

, Ventura

Bus. US 101 SB near its south end along Main St. It flows straight into US 101 at Telephone Rd. and helps carry CA 126 WB traffic to CA 1/US 101 SB. Yes, CA 1. It's concurrent with US 101 here but generally unsigned, like the "US" in this shield.

Southeast through the US 101 (and CA 1)/CA 126 interchange by the dawn's early light. This part of 126 is the Santa Paula Freeway, hence "Freeways."

Unlike the shield atop this page, no "oops" here as Bus. US 101 SB bears right from Thompson Blvd. onto Main St. Bus. US 101 and Main St. are each treated as a through road heading south/east, leading to a multi-lane merge as the two come together. Bus. US 101 NB is a left turn from Main.

NB at Chestnut St., which becomes an onramp to US 101 SB.

SB at and past Chestnut St. I only photographed the narrow shields.

A bunch of signs are stacked at the north end of Bus. US 101, so don't miss the button copy.

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