California Roads/Non-Roads - Barstow/Bus. I-15/US 66

Barstow - Business I-15,

Northbound through town (US 66 eastbound). Amazingly, the first sign shoves a thumb in the eye of the Route 66 concept by using an Interstate shield, the same class of roadway that doomed 66 to historic status. I would probably avoid eating at El Rancho if it's still a restaurant, because it's laid on the tourism a bit too hard. When you need to milk a gimmick to bring in business, it means the product isn't worthy.

Some unusual NB shields. The "40" in the second one probably isn't a standard font, but resembles something approaching a "Series C Modified", if such a thing were ever to have existed. (It would be like standard, fairly narrow Series C, except thicker strokes to accommodate button reflectors. This was never used because the actual stroke would have been so thick as to obliterate any interior space, turning every number into an ovoid smudge.)

If you just like old building signs, here are the last two on the page.

If you also (or just) like old highway signs, these are NB back at I-15. Both the standalone I-15 and guide sign I-40 in the first photo are an older style of California shield that sort of compromises between 2 and 3 digits.

The SB/US 66 WB signs at that interchange. As far as I know, this is still Business I-15, which makes it a loop plus a spur. That keeps a continuous path of state maintenance for travelers coming into Barstow off of I-40, even if the numbering gets a bit awkward.

The probable end of Business I-15, NB (but now facing east along old 66).

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