California Roads - 6th St. Viaduct

6th Street Viaduct, Los Angeles

Santa Fe Ave. NB up to this former bridge, which led all too short a life from 1932-2016. I may have decided to present a few extra closeups because you can't go see this yourself anymore.

One view southwest from Santa Fe Ave., then looking east under the bridge. The tunnel, lest you get excited, is not drivable. It's a pedestrian path straight down to the Los Angeles River, which would have offered me outstanding views of this, the 4th St. Viaduct, and the 7th St. Bridge, had I known. I had not known, and I was happier before I looked up what this was for.

Mission Rd. SB up to the bridge on the east side of the river. At least I took my time getting multiple vantages from land.

Mission Rd. NB views, turning east. As Whittier Blvd., the viaduct keeps heading up to the heights (Boyle Heights) and over the East Los Angeles Interchange (US 101, I-5, I-10).

Views from Jesse St. EB, paralleling the viaduct to the south until it runs into the base of the hill at Clarence St. The sculpted exterior of the railing plays tricks from different angles - this looks quite different from the closeup from Mission Rd. SB.

I drove the bridge westbound, so let's start on the west side and present the few EB photos I took. (The 1950s street blade is WB, but it fits here.)

Shields have gotten uglier over time, and I'm mainly talking loss of button copy. The view west remains elegant, centered by the U.S. Bank tower and complemented by the skyscraping bridge abutment.

The first half of the westward bridge journey ends with details of one of the lampposts, not as ornate as on 4th St. I think the green element on top is the original lamp bracket.

Across the main span. Between the graffiti and the missing railing sections, I feel like the city had given up on maintaining the bridge once they decided to replace it.

Various northward perspectives of the 4th St. Viaduct and its multiple arches.

That's all for the bridge, so to say farewell, I leave you with the plaque on the southwest approach that is hopefully either mounted by the new bridge or in a museum.

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