California Roads - 4th St. Viaduct

4th Street Viaduct, Los Angeles

From the east side of the 1931 viaduct, these photos head down to Mission Rd.

Mission Rd. NB.

Here are all the WB photos I was able to take while heading east. Due to resurfacing, only the reversible middle lane has any sort of marking, so you can't tell there are 5 lanes on this bridge as opposed to 3, and maybe that's the way they like it. My favorite buildings in the skyline are the 1,018' U.S. Bank round tower and the relatively diminutive AT&T switching center next to it, with its awkwardly tall microwave tower that was used for relaying the city's phone calls from 1961-1993. The League of Shadows sculpture is at the northwest corner of the bridge by Merrick St.

My perspectives from the west side of the Los Angeles River start on Santa Fe Ave. NB and pan east.

Under the ramp from Mateo St. and alongside the end of the 4th St. Viaduct on Santa Fe Ave. Note the older "vertical clearance" sign instead of just listing feet and inches.

Are you ready? We're about to use the Mateo St. ramp to head back across the river.

As I head east, I've thrown in some glances south at the arches of the sister 6th St. Viaduct, opened a year later but closed in 2016 while 4th St. lives on. The last photo shows you what the L.A. River typically looks like: a mostly-empty drainage culvert. It almost never runs completely dry, and it has the ability to flood if not for the channel.

While I'm looking south, let's look under the 6th St. Viaduct - watch your head - and find the "older brother" crossing, 7th Street. It opened in 1910 as a concrete arch bridge low to the river, crossing railroad tracks at-grade on both sides. Since there are a lot of tracks and this bridge carried a lot of car and trolley traffic, this was seen as disadvantageous, and the upper deck now used by traffic was constructed over it and opened in 1927, presumably maintaining traffic all the while.

Giving some more attention to the north side of the bridge as I finish my crossing.

After at least 30 photos that included one or more lamps, I have finally caved and gotten up close to one for you.

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