British Columbia Roads - TCH 1 - Mainland/BC 97

on the mainland (and BC 97)

The first overpass on the mainland is Marine Drive, first seen from the approaching ferry and then EB under it.

Old signs on Capilano Road SB and NB, respectively. This font has long since been abandoned. Capilano Road continues south to Marine Drive, where turning right takes one to BC 99 and the Lions Gate Bridge. This is Exit 14; EB traffic to the bridge uses Exit 13, which until 2016 was the beginning of BC 1A, a route multiplexed with BC 99 through Vancouver before breaking off and returning to its parent.

WB over Burrard Inlet and then Lynn Creek. As I cross the inlet, the 1968 Second Narrows Bridge is to the east, carrying the CN Railway. This part of the inlet is the second time it narrows; the name has nothing to do with a First Narrows Bridge.

Semi-standard BC signage on TCH 1 WB. The distance in a box is normal, even being rounded to an absurdly precise number of metres is normal. The arrow placement is somewhat less normal, while the overhead "lane ends" cutouts just make BC abnormal in general.

After Exit 26, TCH 1 ducks under the entire Hastings St. SPUI interchange.

1st Ave. EB at TCH 1 Exit 27.

BC 7 begins to the right and TCH 1 WB enters Hope to the left, after crossing over BC 7 EB (2nd photo). Here we have two unique highway shields: the Yellowhead Spur (TCH 16 being the main Yellowhead Highway) and the Crowsnest Highway.

TCH 1 WB and BC 97 NB across a railway in Savona.

TCH 1 WB/BC 97 NB leave BC 5 west of Kamloops, heading toward whatever a Jctn is. Jct? Jn? An old alignment of TCH 1/BC 97 now serves New Afton Mine, cut off by the giant gold/copper ore pit.

In Kamloops, where TCH 1 and BC 97 run concurrently through the city, first TCH 1 is ignored on Notre Dame Dr. EB, then BC 97 is ignored on Columbia St. NB. The first assembly is at the ramp directly onto BC 97 NB/TCH 1 WB, so ignorance is unpardonable.

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