British Columbia Roads - TCH 1

Trans-Canada Highway 1

The Trans-Canada Highway is known in every province by some form of a white-on-green maple leaf, and TRANS-CANADA and HIGHWAY banners. In most cases, it is also highway 1, though often there is a split in the route (BC 16 is another Trans-Canada route, well to the north, that doesn't rejoin the 1 alignment for several provinces to the east).

Showing standard BC signage on WB BC 1, including the distance-in-a-square. Having the arrow there on the advance sign is a little confusing, but more overt than the US practice of just moving the exit tab to the right to signal an upcoming right exit.

Old signs on Capilano Road SB and NB, respectively. The font on the NB overhead has long since been abandoned. Capilano Road continues south to Marine Drive, where turning right takes one to BC 99 and the Lions Gate Bridge. This is Exit 14; EB traffic to the bridge uses Exit 13, which is also the beginning of BC 1A, a route multiplexed with BC 99 through Vancouver before breaking off and returning to its parent.

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