British Columbia Roads - BC 99

Named after the former US 99, BC 99 now connects directly to I-5 instead, and I-5 runs over US 99's old bridges in Washington, so it's all good.

South of Vancouver, but after the freeway has already ended. Not much traffic goes north of Vancouver; it's pretty much all a tourist dump from Seattle and Bellingham, WA. Since there's no freeway directly into the city, the main city streets are all terribly overcrowded.

SB on BC 99 in Vancouver is also EB on BC 1A. 1A functions as Business BC 1 more or less, running through the city while the Trans-Canada 1 freeway bypasses it to the north and east. Given the existence of the first assembly, it is possible BC 1A was designated in the last 20-25 years, and that before then there were merely T-C 1 trailblazers.

I just took a picture of a camera. Am I that geeky? Was that question too easy? You made me sad, so I'm not going to explain to you how that's just telling you camera enforcement is being used to catch criminals. *pout*

The Lions Gate Bridge, world-famous suspension crossing of the Burrard Inlet. It only carries three lanes (middle is reversible), and traffic really demands a parallel span, but the architectural beauty of the bridge can at best be approximated, never duplicated, certainly not surpassed.

True to its name, there are Lions on the Gate to the Bridge. They only guard the northbound approach though, because it's coming out of the Lions Gate. Southbound traffic gets no protection.

A water view, looking up. Sorry, didn't get a picture from the air to complete the series.

BC 99 NB/BC 1A WB at Marine Drive, where the routes turn westward on their way to meet BC Trans-Canada 1. There are North, West, and East Vancouvers, but sorry, no South.

WB on Marine Drive, which is unnumbered until the Lions Gate Bridge exit. Note that two lanes leave the highway - two lanes also leave BC 99 SB, aka Marine Drive EB. At best, four lanes merge into two to get onto the bridge, but sometimes, they all merge into one. Backups tend to last about 20 minutes to a half hour when this happens.

All pedestrians are to walk along the highway shoulder until the bridge sidewalk begins. Gee, that's perfectly safe, especially with traffic merging from the right just around the trumpet-ramp counter-clockwise bend.

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