British Columbia Roads - BC 97

BC 97

BC 97 is numbered as the extension of US 97, which is notable for having been theoretically numbered in Alaska. AASHTO had conditionally approved it on the theory that the intervening provinces (Yukon, Northwest Territories - which I know isn't technically a province, but hey, they call Kentucky and Virginia "states") also adopt that number. Well, only BC went along, like it did with US 99-BC 99, so US 97 never materialized. All photos are courtesy Rich Piehl and northbound.

Very rustic bridge with a rustic sign, Prince George (near TCH 16).

BC 39 serves Mackenzie and then becomes a forest road.

Take a bite out of sign! (I'm overusing that one.) In Chetwynd; BC 29 cuts a considerable corner off of BC 97, which heads east to Dawson Creek, meets BC 49, and then turns sharply northwest on the Al-Can Highway. (The photo of the original beginning of the named highway is on the front page, since it was never on 97.)

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