British Columbia Roads

British Columbia

This dual photo by Averill Hecht shows the conversion from English to metric units in September 1977 - look on the bottom of the signs. Those say NO PARKING WITHIN (20 FEET, 6 m).

On Boundary Road NB, which oddly enough is the eastern boundary of Vancouver.

BC 91

BC 97

BC 99

Trans-Canada Hwy. 1

TCH 16 WB, courtesy Rich Piehl. Both BC 5 and TCH 16 are the Yellowhead Highway, but since BC 16 is also the TCH, it gets the maple leaf at their split, where BC 5 gets the aptly depicted yellow head inside its shield. Though you might not see the detail, B.C. is abbreviated beneath the head shield in the second photo, and spelled out in full beneath the maple leaf. TCH 16 continues into Alberta with the same number.

The former start of the Alaska Hi-Way (the famous Al-Can Highway), Dawson Creek, also courtesy Rich Piehl. As near as I can tell, this is 10 St. at 102 Ave. 10 St. is the continuation of 208 Rd., which was original BC 97. I'm not entirely clear on how the Al-Can got from 102 Ave. to Alaska Highway, unless it simply used 17 St. (which is where 102 Ave. stops being so wide).

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