Arkansas Roads - US 70

US 70

AR 7 NB and turning right in Hot Springs. These are standard Business shields for Arkansas, though narrow two-digit B shields are also known.

WB on I-30/US 70 - try to find the pattern behind which letters fade and which ones don't.

US 70 EB leaves I-30 and heads into Little Rock. This had been US 70 Business for awhile, at least in signage, while the mainline ostensibly followed 30 through the city. Business route or mainline, US 70 does not deserve shields like those.

Older signs, continuing EB.

Broadway NB (US 70 EB) through Little Rock and over the eponymous bridge. At various points in history, US 65, US 67, and US 167 have all followed this route as well. It's also possible that due to the 65 connection, AR 365 secretly follows US 70 through here, but with no signage, it's more likely that there are two discrete segments on either side of the city.

EB in North Little Rock, with the old railroad signals to the left as US 165 splits to the right.

I-40 WB around West Memphis courtesy Lou Corsaro, now also with US 70, which used to follow Broadway straight through the heart of the city.

I-55 and US 70/I-55
AR 5, old US 70

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