Arkansas Roads - US 67/167/71

US 67, US 67/71,

On 8th St. in Texarkana, also known as MLK, Jr. Blvd. and also also known as US 67 SB, US 71 NB, and US 82 WB. (It only carries that unwieldy concurrency for six blocks - I'll just call it all WB for convenience.) Guess ol' Sam's memory has now died along with him.

Old-style drainage at the corner of 8th St. and Ash St.

9th St. WB from US 67/71/82 WB (which turns onto 8th St. here).

Old treasures on Boulevard EB at its end north of town. The white guide sign dates this assembly to the late 1960s, plus or minus half a decade.

NB at one of the segments of AR 108 (it sorta follows US 59/71 to the other segment, but technically not). Arkansas frequently uses the variant of the "I" with serifs to avoid confusion with "1," most often in the case where it's abbreviating "Interstate." The second photo is where the old road is cut off just past this intersection and to the right, continuing past the end of Miller CR 138 (see big link below).

SB in Malvern courtesy Jeremy Lance. AR 9 begins here, and US 270 WB left US 67 SB here, but now it runs on a bypass to the northeast and this is just the Business route. Even with Arkansas' tiny "B", they can't fit it in this shield. US 67 follows I-30 for the Interstate's entire length, a very rare case of a north-south US highway partnered with an east-west Interstate.

McCain Blvd. WB near the site of the narrow US shield seen in the header.

The SB mainline and frontage road, respectively, just after AR 440 ends. The first sign speaks for itself. The second photo shows off an example of Y routes, which are short connectors that usually aren't signed.

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