Arkansas Roads - US 270

US 270

WB by southwestern Lake Ouachita. This must be a brand-new bridge because nothing like this shows up on aerial photography.

These little Lake Ouachita spur routes are funded by a non-road tax because they provide access to non-road activities. There are several AR 949 routes to the lake to conserve numbers, because clearly Arkansas wants to avoid having four digits in the same shield...

AR 7 NB and turning right in Hot Springs. The US 70B shields are also to be found in standard width, but the "B" is never to be found in reasonable size.

EB shield error courtesy Jeremy Lance. US 270 used to continue to US 65, but that route is now on I-530, so it ends here. 65 became AR 365, and then rather than make the rest of 270 into AR 270 (as this shows), it became AR 365S (spur). Yes, with a very tiny S. There was never an AR 270, so no matter what, this was and is wrong.

US 71 and 270/71

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