Arkansas Roads - Misc. Signs

Misc. Signs

At Ouachita Ave. in Hot Springs.

In the Texarkana Auto Museum.

Speaking of Texarkana, here are some old street signs. The first is on Laurel St. NB at 4th St.

Two old shields hanging around Berryville, courtesy David Backlin. Newer three-digit route shields are wider.

David Backlin also sent me this photo from AR 187 west of Beaver. The US 62 shield above is correct, so this one appears to be less correct.

Another quality specimen from Mike Traverse's personal collection.

Courtesy Michael Summa, taken in 1978.

A lettered route, courtesy Jeremy Lance. A business route should have a larger B, but that's not the Arkansas way.

Redundancy in another lettered route, courtesy David Backlin.

The reverse signal is on Chenal Pkwy. EB nearing Little Rock.

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