Arkansas Roads - Junction Bridge

Junction Bridge, Little Rock

The Junction Bridge, open in 1984, lasted 100 years as a Union Pacific railroad bridge, and then Little Rock acquired it in exchange for more railroad development land. After sitting idle for more than 20 years, it's now open as a pedestrian connection between Little Rock and North Little Rock.

Climbing up and onto the bridge from Little Rock northward.

Looking east along the Arkansas River. The closed Rock Island Bridge, another former railroad line, almost looks like a supplementary truss structure to the I-30 bridge in the foreground.

Now looking west at these bridges, from front to back: Main Street/AR 5 (former US 70), Broadway/US 70, Baring Cross (the current Union Pacific bridge).

Finishing the northward crossing. The last photo shows how far the drop is from the lift section, permanently lifted because pedestrians can climb.

Crossing back southward to Little Rock, with the last photo showing what has been done so far with Riverfront Park. There used to be a considerable amount of railyard along the river, but I think this is a rather nice development - plenty of room elsewhere around the city for industry with less potential for beauty.

Saving the best for last, this is Little Rock. The Little Rock (Petit Roche in French, even, as a plaque explains) that the city was founded on, because it looked like a good and pretty place to land. Then they built a bridge pier directly on top of it, because hey, it's a pretty darn good rock, and rocks are good for holding bridges up. But if you don't know that it's under here, there are no signs directing you to it - at least for now, but just maybe the last stages of Riverfront Park will include a few.

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