Arkansas Roads - I-55/US 70

and I-55/US 70

All material on this page is courtesy Lou Corsaro and northbound.

Lou drives across the Mississippi River on the 1949 Memphis-Arkansas Memorial Bridge, predating I-55 by several years. I haven't listened to it for the specific reason that I can disavow anything he says or any music he plays.

I-55, US 61, and US 79 NB pair with US 70 WB, ultimately joining I-40 WB at an interchange that's under reconstruction to bring the I-40 freeway traffic into the middle and keep the outside ramps for local access only. US 70 once exited at Exit 3B, hence the large space, and ran through West Memphis on Broadway. It defeats the point of having a US highway if it's always paired with an Interstate - but it saves the state on maintenance.

US 70 alone

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