Arkansas Roads - I-530/US 65

and US 65

All photos are northbound (at least on some routes). Note that whether or not you see a shield, US 65 is always married to I-530.

Same shields, different order, opposite directions at the same time, taken in different years. Second photo courtesy Jeremy Lance.

Clearly a high-powered interchange is taking shape on the south side of Pine Bluff. In the distant future, I-530 will come up here from the south, and the rest of the Interstate to the southeast will just be a few US highways (at least, so goes my current understanding). The ramp to I-530 SB leaves the freeway, flies up to the right in the first few photos, and over to the south (left). The I-530 NB mainline ramp flies in over the freeway and under the other ramp. The idea is to connect I-530 southward to proposed I-69.

Exit 39 and turning right toward Pine Bluff. I-530's exit numbers increase as it heads away from its parent I-30, but that means they run backwards from north to south. The idea behind the tiny "B" is to keep three-digit routes in three-digit shields, so the two-digit route could go either way I suppose.

US 79 at the same point, where it joins I-530 in the wrong direction.

Two more interesting photos. The AR route shield is often extended for three digit shields, let alone ones with letters on the end.

Onto US 65 alone

Exit 34 to US 270
Exit 34 via AR 365S to AR 365
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