Arkansas Roads - I-40/US 65

and I-40/US 65

Courtesy Matt Kleiman and eastbound. Hehe, Toad Suck. The second and third photos are on the right and left sides of the roadway at just about the same point, before I-540 merges in.

Replacing one of Matt's photos with one of my own, still EB. AR 365 is former US 65, which rides on I-40 all the way to I-30 in Little Rock from Exit 125 at Conway.


AR 107 SB at I-40 Exit 153A. I-40 East should be accompanied by "TO I-30 WEST" because that freeway begins at the next exit.

The split in the WB Exit 153A ramp, which acts as a C-D road for traffic from the end of I-30 and therefore splits back to I-40 WB again.

Hehe, kwaaaaazy arrow, once again EB courtesy Matt Kleiman.

Westbound button copy and failure of reflective letters, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Really, button copy ought not to be better at staying on signs.

US 65 alone

Into Oklahoma on I-40
Into Tennessee on I-40
Exit 7 or 13 to US 71
Exit 142 to AR 365
Exit 277 to I-55
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