Arkansas Roads - I-30/US 65/67/167

with US 65, 67, and/or 167

WB Texarkana button copy to the state line; that and I'm intrigued by "La." with comma instead of the more standard "LA" without comma. Although the last ramp has Texas' exit number, Stateline Ave. is, as the name implies, squarely on the state line, and so a case could be made to sign it as Exit 0 from this direction. US 59 SB joins I-30 WB here.

More WB photos at the future I-49 tie-in, which will finish the AR 245 freeway that currently comes to traffic lights at a standard diamond interchange (I-30 Exit 2). In the last photo, you can see how the column was constructed in consecutive concrete pours, letting each stage dry before adding the next. Too much concrete at once can lead to internal temperatures of hundreds of degrees, "baking" the water out and leading to inadequate strength.

Passing by the future interchange and looking back east. I-49 will continue north from here and briefly touch Texas before reentering Arkansas and heading north along US 71.

Explain why some letters are more reflective than others?

Some of the last US 70B shields left are here on the EB Exit 132 ramp (second photo is at its foot, pointing back up). First of all, they've always been wrong by AHTD standards because the "B" is not supposed to be the same size as the numerals - in fact, it's usually barely visible at the edge of the shield. Secondly, they're especially wrong now because this was converted to regular US 70, pulled back off of I-30 the way it should always have been.

Also wrong on a few levels. Of course, the US 70 shield should be gone now, but it was never North. Also, US 65 and 167 North follow I-30, but no reference here. How do you find those routes if you're looking for them? If AHTD (Highway and Transportation Department) can shrink the shields for I-530 SB, it could shrink everything for I-30 EB and fit the extra routes in.

EB on the north-south portion of I-30 just before it ends, heading straight up through the city and then off Exit 141A. From Exit 141A, I look ahead/eastward at the Rock Island Bridge, a former railroad trestle.

The view of Little Rock from the WB side. When actually facing west, you can see the Junction Bridge in the foreground (see link below to find out what it is), followed by AR 5/Main St. and, under the arch in the background, US 70/Broadway.

NB on Locust St., which carries the I-30 EB/WB frontage roads across some railroads before they separate out as a one-way pair on either side. For a state that consistently uses old specs and the state name, how could they fail with a non-cutout, non-state name shield? Last three shields are on the right, left, and center at the end of the bridge.

I-30 ends, but if you take the left branch and head back the way you came (sorta), you do get one more older shield photo out of it along the ramp.

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Onto US 67 alone and US 67/167

Into Texas on I-30
Exit 223 to US 71
Exit 2 to AR 245/Future I-49
Exit 132 to (actual) US 70
Exit 138A to I-440
Exit 138B to I-530
Over to the Junction Bridge
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