Arkansas Roads - AR 88

AR 88

WB approaching Mena, where AR 88 turns left onto the concurrency. So what's AR 8 doing there? Yes, 88 and 8 meet in Mena, but if I'm trying to follow 88, an AR 8 shield does nothing for me right now. It's as if this sign harkens back to when AR 8 followed what's now 88 east of Mena, but that switch happened long before this shield.

To pass or not to pass?

Where AR 88 meets US 270, it now follows 270 southward for a bit, but used to continue straight. Most of that old road is lost, but I drove the remaining piece here. Once the road curves left, it's Pencil Bluff Drive and the rest of old AR 88 is a goat path at best.

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