Arkansas Roads - AR 296/Old US 67

AR 296/former US 67

All photos are from the longer eastern segment of AR 296, east of US 67. The western segment is west of US 67, to the north on Sugar Hill Road.

In fact, all photos are from the part of AR 296 that follows former US 67 just northeast of Texarkana. This is where US 67 continued straight, rejoining the path still used by the current road, while AR 296 "ends" at AR 237 here. (Arkansas doesn't do a whole lot of multiplexes, but it does do routes in discontinuous segments, so the two pieces of AR 296 are unconnected despite nominally being a short distance apart on US 67.)

The old concrete reflects through the surface asphalt as I head (north)east.

AR 296 turns east off of former US 67 in Garland, passing under this wooden trestle.

North on old US 67 to Miller CR 138

Current US 67
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