Alabama Roads - US 98

WB across the Escatawpa River into Mississippi, there's another bridge there and it's not an old one. As far as I can tell, it's the same age as the US 98 bridge, and as soon as you get into Mississippi (which you can do by following the link at bottom), you find out the two lanes widen into a divided highway right away. So why wasn't the divided highway continued across the border? Alabama must have had some major problem and political hubris to block themselves from having to go so far as to merge a divided highway down to two lanes. Were they concerned they couldn't do it properly?

Other WB features west of Mobile. The center light is not pink, it's red with a flashing outside and inside. Sorry, this doesn't get around the MUTCD requirement not to have flashing or strobe elements in your red lights. That came about because these flashing lights are annoying as hell.

Government St. EB, formerly US 90 as well (I'll rant more about that later), but the shield gets to be larger when there's only one on the sign.

The Barton Academy sits on the northern side of Government St.

Continuing EB, a typical I-165 shield (all of them are ugly in downtown Mobile, but at least they have the state name), a typical I-10 shield (no such disfigurement), and a pretty, old one overhead.

EB up to and through the Bankhead Tunnel, which I provide for you as a video. When you're done driving through the tunnel, there are some pretty pavement shields for your pleasure, quite difficult to catch when switching from video to photo and still moving eastward. US 90 and 98 run together on either side of Mobile, but they inexplicably break up in the city - 98 goes straight through, while 90 loops around the north side. Making matters worse, US 90 then heads due north for over a mile, east across a tall bridge (to make sure that ships from the only Alabama port have a way in and out of the Mobile River), and back down for the same distance just to meet back up with US 98. I understand that trucks need to go that way, but is it too much to have US 90/98 go one way and Truck US 90/98 go the other?

US 90/Truck US 98 WB, while actual US 98 takes a bypass route to the west. I can't believe trucks aren't allowed on the bypass route, and just like in Mobile, US 90 has to go the long way while US 98 gets to enjoy the shortcut. I thought routes ending in 0 were supposed to be the important ones?

US 90/98 WB heading into Mobile, courtesy Costa Ioannidis. Pascagoula is in Mississippi, but Mobile isn't signed here because you'd just continue straight to head downtown.

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