Alabama Roads - US 82

Photos progress westward, and are mostly on Pickens CR 30 (former alignments of US 82).

WB from Coker (Tuscaloosa CR 140 in the first photo) past Elrod. The US 82 sign can be clicked on for a closeup. It dates to February 1969, which must be when the old road was bypassed, since nothing's been touched since - not the curve sign, not the intersection signs, not the stub end of the road where it bends right.

Facing east along that same alignment, apparently the center stripe hasn't been touched in 40 years either.

4th Ave. WB leaving Gordo, right where it picks up the old alignment of US 82. This dates to the 1950's or early 60's.

Continuing west past the ancient outline sign. Picture the bridge with railings (probably wooden), and then picture the resulting image being the major east-west corridor of US 82 (with no routes like I-20 to take pressure off interstate commerce traffic).

The old marker and the hilly stub are WB east of Reform.

Behold the only photos from actual US 82 on this page. The first is contradictory - either it's the route or it's not - and WB, while the second faces eastward west of Reform.

The shield atop the page and this one signal the EB end of the Coalfire/Coal Fire alignment seen stubbing in the prior photo (the road is Coalfire but the cemetery is Coal Fire). The second photo is WB, and clearly dates to when this was US 82.

Here's why it's so clear - there hasn't been any sort of line at all here for years.

Coalfire Rd. NB, then the western end of the old alignment. The "TO US 82" is rather unnecessary, because the last photo shows the scene you come across with that sign. Not a lot of choices here.

The EB stub end of the westernmost old alignment in the state, just west of McShan Lake.

WB through Ethelsville, where the road widens out to four lanes that are still marginally striped and signed, one of the old "bumps in the road" back when the main route was a two-laner and every country road was quiet. School bus stop signs remain in various states of disrepair. More of them are white than yellow, meaning the reflective material has worn away entirely.

I-65 and US 82/I-65

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