Alabama Roads - US 72/231/431

US 72 and 72/231/431

US 72 WB across the Tennessee River in Florence, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Also along for the ride: US 43, AL 13, 17, and 157 SB. Due to the angle of the river, "westbound" is actually slightly east here.

On a side road in Decatur. All I remember is that it's eastbound. I think. Go get lost in Decatur while finding it - a beautiful city.

US 231/431 NB right as US 72 EB is merging in, but a photo of the SB sign where US 72 WB leaves the concurrency. That's the one advantage of slatted signs.

The north end of Memorial Parkway in Huntsville soon won't be the north end anymore. US 72 has just joined the freeway via an onramp, but then the freeway merges right back into the frontage road. Clearly, that soon won't be the case.

The next intersection north, Max Luther Drive. Apparently the parkway was built northward in the median all the way up to Mastin Lake Rd., except there were no bridges anywhere. The roadway even had lane stripes! But it was completely at-grade in the median, so all of the intersecting roads would have had to be built up on overpasses or down in tunnels, cutting off driveways. Now Memorial Parkway is instead being built up on overpasses, which makes a lot more sense, but it means I didn't get to see the old road, and that's a shame.

The improvements take shape where US 72 EB leaves US 231/431 NB. I'm sure there will be an exit ramp between the current end of the Parkway and this intersection.

The right way and the wrong way to make a state-name shield. Find me the template where the second shield came from so I can burn it and the designer. It seriously looks like someone drew it freehand. The same designer must have specified the "TO" sign, because this is the onramp itself, and therefore not "TO."

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