Alabama Roads - US 431/278

US 431 and 278/431

Welcome to Dothan, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. You can loop around a few times before you get your bearings. Just put the TO below the US 431 shield and no one will get hurt. (The entire loop is AL 210.)

East of Oxford, courtesy John Krakoff and submitted by Adam Prince.

SB (US 278 EB) across the Coosa River in Gadsden. The adjacent Tennessee and Alabama Railroad bridge is under repair, with temporary beams standing in for truss members until permanent ones can be shipped - or will these stay and look ugly?

As much of the old Broad St. bridge as you'd like, looking west across the Coosa River from a parking lot off of AL 291. This carried US 431 and probably US 278 back in the day.

This Muscovy duck joined me in the parking lot.

Looking west on top of the bridge, and yes, that's snow. In Alabama. I can think of a much easier way to say "Weight limit 10 tons."

Broad St. EB at the same spot, AL 291.

Old US 431, AL 205, NB near Boaz.

NB at AL 227 and then across Lake Guntersville.

A couple of original bridges, one on an old alignment to the east, one still used by the SB lanes.

US 231/431 NB, Memorial Pkwy. in Huntsville. I've never seen a misshapen Interstate shield on a slatted guide sign in Alabama. Just saying, if it takes slatted signs to eradicate the bubble shield, then I can live with them.

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