Alabama Roads - US 411

US 411

All photos are SB.

Here's an idea of what passes for a county route in Alabama. Most of them are admittedly at least paved.

Yes, it snowed in Alabama, enough that one enterprising family ended up with a snowman in their yard. Probably gone by the next day. The black on white shields are for longer driveways, at least in Cherokee County, which probably beats out West Virginia for best driveway signage by a highway agency.

West of Weiss Lake and Leesburg, US 411 drops back down from a divided highway.

Consecutive assemblies at Ewing Ave. in Gadsden. To I-59 would mean following I-759.

Too many assemblies means too much confusion. At first glance, it could seem that US 278 East is straight ahead on US 411 - but no, it's the US 278/431 ramp that's coming up. In the meantime, US 278/431 fly up over US 411 and the Coosa River.

SB at the old L&N (Louisville and Nashville) railroad bridge and the old US 278/431 Broad St. bridge. It sure looks like a couple of pieces are missing from the railroad bridge truss. Given that it's still in service, I assume they're being repaired from this temporary condition.

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