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US 278

All photos are EB.

Cullman County doesn't know how to make county shields with the numbers already on. Okay, that's a misstatement, but there are very few examples of successful shields compared to failures like this.

Ongoing construction to wipe out an S curve with a new alignment towering over Kugler Creek and destroying the hillside. Is it worth it?

Judge for yourself. US 278 comes down the hill steeply before crossing this narrow bridge at the bottom with no margin for error. Add a truck barreling the other way that needs to clear the railing and suddenly a new bridge sounds like a good idea. Getting rid of the curves, though you can't see them here, is another goal I support. I just hope the bridge can be left here somehow.

Something the county occasionally does is a red shield. I'm convinced it's not an accident. There must be something down this road - a firehouse, a school, a town hall, anything that would justify a different color. I refuse to believe they could get a standard shield this wrong and yet have the numbers all in place.

I've had this photo for a long time, but now I'm the one who took it. Amazing that Alabama would leave it out here for so many years. I'd think the locals of Cullman would have complained ceaselessly about deteriorating property values and air pollution as a result of the ugly emanating from this corner. This is so ugly, it makes yo mama look decent.

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