Alabama Roads - US 231/80

US 231 and US 80/231

Nothing is simple in Dothan thanks to the circular bypass. Business 84 to the right is old US 84 East, but what you don't see is the modern route going straight ahead. Even ALDOT got the arrow wrong and had to patch it. Photo courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

Old US 231 follows a slightly sharper curve at the AL 125 junction - whereas the modern route peels off at the northern end of 125, old 231 continues a bit farther down AL 125, then curves east on what's now Pike CR 3351.

AL 91 SB into Brundidge. This part of AL 91 was originally US 231, which now bypasses the town to the west. Drive the new road, miss the peanut butter festival.

US 231 NB/US 80 EB at Woodmere Blvd. and down the I-85 ramp.

Three SB photos and one not. The second photo is on the SB frontage road at US 80, where turning right toward downtown would land you on old US 80, then, speaking of which, old US 80 EB in that same spot is the fourth and final photo. Based on what I see of the middle SB sign and the EB sign, ALDOT needs to work on Sign Assembly 101 homework instead of watching Jack Black movies.

Together with US 431, NB in Huntsville. I'd rather see two standard guide signs, both correct.

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