Alabama Roads - US 11

US 11 NB leaves US 80 EB (first photo) and heads to York.

The Alamuchee-Bellamy Covered Bridge, once used by Confederate troops, is now used by University of Western Alabama students. Instead of waging war, its patrons wage learning. Comparisons get muddier from here, but Duck Pond remains crystal clear. I'm done.

Photos from the inside of the bridge, which has at least one lantern but its functionality is unknown. Will I have to go back at night? No. This one can remain unanswered.

Continuing north, looking west and east along the Tombigbee River (that's a railroad bridge), then craning around further east to snap the distinctive southern bank. Water levels are clearly very low at the moment, but I'm sure they picked up once spring came around. For the sake of the South, I hope they did.

On the north side of the river, you get a mystery route and a red road. Okay, Greene CR 78 does exist, it's just a little farther ahead. Try turning left the way the arrow wants you to, though, especially on a dark night, and see where you end up. And see if you blame the county when you do.

SB on the Bessemer Super Highway into the namesake city from the US 78 concurrency (see big link at bottom), coming up to the right and left sides of an old railroad bridge. The last photo is at 19th St. Comparatively, I-20/59 is much more of a superhighway, but I'm sure US 11 was unparalleled in its time, being four lanes and divided or five with a center turn lane.

4th Ave. N in Birmingham, WB from I-65 up to 9th St. N. All of these signs are plenty old. US 11 SB is currently on 1st Ave. N, while the NB side is on 3rd Ave. N (a one-way street, or else SB would be there too). US 78 is also along for the ride, but don't tell these signs. I'd rather they stay slightly wrong and old.

This railing is on the US 11 viaduct that carries it past the Sloss Furnaces, the "only 20th century blast furnace in the world" and the only one open to the public as a museum. Except it wasn't open the day I went. At least I saw a bridge railing - and a few furnace photos are on my Birmingham Non-Roads page.

Continuing NB past the header photo with another old shield and some signs of similar age, one of which was overwritten by the message in the following photo (you can tell which, I'm sure). Smitty really should have invested in plastic letters. More than most people should, at any rate.

SB signs with the sun at my back, so they come out somewhat brighter. You can see a little better the old "2 Way Lane" configuration of the sign with the arrow at the bottom. I'm judging it to be older than the all-text sign because it uses an old font. Interesting that Birmingham (or ALDOT) actually regressed for awhile by trading a symbol (partway to being internationally compatible) for text.

Another few NB photos up to John Rogers Dr. by I-459. Yes, there's snow on the shield. Even though it's February, that's still unexpected in Alabama. Just my luck to pick the coldest week of the year to head south.

NJ invades Attalla, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka via Adam Prince. Straight ahead, though not shown, is a wrong-way multiplex with US 431 and a sideways one with US 278.

Just inside the state, SB at DeKalb CR 140.

I-359/US 11/AL 69
US 78 and 11/78

14th St. Birmingham, Truck US 11/78

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