Alabama Roads - Old Moulton Rd.

Old Moulton Road

This may be an original routing of AL 24, which has another old route to the north closer to its current four-lane highway. Photos progress westward from Decatur.

Gordon Drive WB at SW 3rd Ave. in Decatur, not part of Old Moulton Rd. but certainly part of old AL 24 and not a state highway anymore.

Decatur is in Morgan County, where Old Moulton Rd. is CR 61. Once into Lawrence County, it becomes CR 87. These are all WB.

Old Moulton Rd. merges into Morgan St. When Morgan St. gets to AL 157, you get an Old Morgan St., and this is it. Morgan St. was rerouted to curve up and cross AL 157 perpendicularly instead of at an angle, and you can see in the background of the third photo how this angle runs straight into the current road on the western side of 157. Old Morgan St. is now a parking lot.

Looking east from the old road to the current road (which is the old Moulton Road, just to confuse you).

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