Alabama Roads - Legg Bridge

Legg Bridge, Cullman CR 1043

Driving past the Legg Bridge on CR 1043 EB. It's not my window that's wavy, that's really the bridge.

Sorry, Clarkson Bridge. But the "sometimes" is really more of a "usually."

This is the view from the eastern side of Crooked Creek. I can't even say the piers look sturdy. I imagine the corrugated metal roof is a newer innovation to this bridge.

There's this old mill to the north of the bridge that appears to be someone's house now. Wonder if they use the waterwheel?

Looking south and north at Crooked Creek. Maybe if you drink the water, the bridge seems straight? Must be why the creek is "crooked."

Looking south at the full span of the bridge from the mill. That CR 1043 bridge behind it goes in a straight line. Compare.

The restored underside of the bridge. Notice that I did not stand directly underneath it. However, I decided that as long as it's here, I may as well risk my life to cross it.

Okay, here I go. It's just as wavy inside as outside. I seriously can't believe this was restored in 1975 - I would believe "sat upon by a large washed-up comedian," but not restored. Again, there are NO camera tricks here.

Looking west at the way the road used to go, then back east at what I just crossed. On the way back, I decided to cross the CR 1043 bridge instead. Pressing my luck once was enough.

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