Alabama Roads - I-85

All photos on this page were taken by John Krakoff and submitted by Adam Prince except for four of mine. So I'll make an exception and only call out my own.

Day St. EB in Montgomery, which feeds directly into I-85 NB.

A pair of SB vented signs that I photographed at the end of the Interstate. I know I did a bad job on the second photo, but the key is that not only is the To I-65 South header vented, but so is the yellow curve sign below!

Downtown Montgomery, pointing to Exit 2 - so why not just say "TO I-65"?

My third photo, the NB Exit 6 ramp at the divided Blvd. that encircles the city. It's small, but you can see the tacked-on directional banners that characterize only a handful of exits in the Montgomery area. Even Carmichael Rd. gets one.

The eastern beginning of the Chantilly Parkway, my last photo on the page. The "the" is unnecessary, and the Alabama state outline has been quite badly corrupted. And the state name is missing from the I-85 shield - bad job all around.

The end of AL 186 WB, northeast of Tuskegee. There's state names, there is!

Somewhere between Tuskegee and Auburn, most likely.

Probably AL 147 SB, because that's where US 29 and I-85 start their multiplex (US 29 SB would be straight ahead).

Northbound and then off the NB exit ramp, helping to place the photo before these if I'm correct about it (John doesn't remember exactly).

All northbound. Likely the US 29 NORTH is patched over just a plain US 29 shield, from back when the highway went through Auburn and Opelika instead of bypassing them on I-85.

Now southbound.

Into Georgia on I-85
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Exit 6 to US 231 and 80/231
Exit 6 to US 80 alone
Exit 62 to US 431
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