Alabama Roads - I-759

WB from AL 759 toward the interesting stuff. The blank-shield overhead signs are common on all Alabama Interstates, but this was my first foray into Alabama so I hadn't yet seen one. It's bizarre to me - either put a number inside or get rid of the thing.

Here's the interesting stuff, all at the western end of the route. You get yourself a decent stub, especially on the WB side (EB is used by traffic from I-59 SB), a little bit of button copy, and some state-name shields. In the last photo, just before I-759 merges into I-59 SB, there's a C-D road to the right with a stub ramp that would have led to I-759 WB. The highway could have continued a short distance to bypass Attalla before tying into US 278/US 431, but it's unlikely to do so now even though the right of way appears to be all there.

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