Alabama Roads - I-65/US 82

and I-65/US 82

Jackson St. SB at Lee St. in Chickasaw, just outside Mobile.

A set of vented BGS's, which pop up all over the state (although there are no more on this page).

Leaving Montgomery northbound (with US 82 WB), first photo courtesy John Krakoff and submitted by Adam Prince (sign's still up, but my shot was blurry). The first Prattville exit is for AL 143, where I have some more photos relating to I-65.

SB (US 82 EB) into Montgomery and up to the beginnings of both I-85 and Day St., last two photos courtesy John Krakoff and submitted by Adam Prince. As you see in the second photo, most of the button copy is gone, and what's left is at least one very poorly done sign. One arrow is sufficient (the bottom one, in this case) and the ramp speed should be a separate sign entirely. I-85 is planned for westward (not by any stretch of the imagination southward, despite the cardinal directions associated with the route) extension eventually.

A pair of ramp signs on opposite sides of Birmingham. The first is SB Exit 252 (US 31), and the second is NB Exit 260 if you continue a block on 11th St. N to 4th Ave. US 11 SB is actually on 1st Ave. N here in a reverse one-way pair - US 11 NB is on 3rd Ave. N, putting the NB side west of the SB side. Incidentally, the route used by US 11 SB (1st Ave. and 9th St.) is all two-way roads, so there's no need to have the NB side follow 3rd Ave. to 13th St. N. (I keep putting 'N's out because there's an identical numbering system south of the railroad tracks using 'S's, and the two grids don't connect much at all.)

Oxmoor Rd. EB at I-65 Exit 256, then onto the NB highway and curving away from the downtown skyline.

Down on the streets of Birmingham: 12th St. NB at 3rd Ave. S, 6th Ave. WB at 11th St. N and 10th St. N (which are frontage roads for I-65 west of downtown). Since an intersection is either N or S, I'm just letting you assume things like "12th St. S NB" without confusing you by typing them.

SB on the 10th St. N frontage road. The first sign comes up on the right, the second comes up on the left. While the second one is certainly old, it holds no candle to the blue sign, which represents an ancient shield system found only in Birmingham. You'll definitely want to check out my 14th St. page to see the other remnants.

The only button copy I found, and it even includes the shield!

US 82 alone

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