Alabama Roads - I-565/Alt. US 72

All photos taken WB.

I-565 never exists on its own. The entire length is Alternate US 72, and then Alt. 72 continues west with AL 20 to the end of the route west of I-65. The entire route is also certainly Corridor V, and Alabama gives the V routes those weird blue shields with the tiny writing no one can read at highway speeds. I'm surprised the FHWA doesn't stop them and force the standard black-on-white US shields upon the state.

The most famous sight from the highway in Huntsville, around MP 16.

Less notable is this awkwardly assembled sign on the Exit 8 ramp. Madison Blvd. is the former routing of Alt. US 72, so I assume that's what was on the top of the sign. And anyway, the exit is for Sullivan St., with Madison Blvd. running parallel to I-565 to the north.

Signs get plenty confusing on the approach to US 31. When I-565 ends, GA 20 begins, and now Alt. US 72 is along with it. Both the left and right side of the road have problems, because there should be no JCT assemblies. Replace the right side's JCT and remove the plate and shield from the left side, and you're getting there. Then shift those shields over so they're sitting on top of arrows. Finally, and this is just my opinion, replace the blue signs with a standard black assembly. Keep going straight toward US 31 SB, and before you merge, you get another sign messed up by Appalachian Development.

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