Alabama Roads - I-459


SB and NB (for Exit 6) on the western part of the route. If you have a better photo, I'll swap it in. This is slightly better than nothing.

I took SB Exit 13A and then turned left after the monstrosity in the first photo, only to find even more problems on AL 150 EB at and past Galleria Blvd. These shields are clear evidence why the bubble design needs to be stopped NOW, and the AL 150 shields are clear evidence why freeway-sized signs are reserved for freeways.

Depending what part of the route you're driving, there are different assemblies to guide your way. The first two should be consistent, because they are both before the I-20 interchange, let alone the I-65 junction well to the west. Continuing on, you approach the other side of the route where it meets I-20/59 for a second time each.

SB down the Exit 29 ramp. It's a symmetrical four-level stack, despite the angle looking like five levels.

Three NB assemblies, with the first photo courtesy John Krakoff and submitted by Adam Prince. Click on the middle photo to see a clearer version, with the same attribution as the first photo, where the US 11 sign is still button copy. I'm sure the new sign got messed up by someone having put an arrow next to Trussville - at least they had the sense to remove it.

Exit 13 to US 31
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Exit 29 to I-20
Exit 32 to US 11
Exit 33 to I-59
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