Alabama Roads - I-20

EB out of Birmingham. The first two photos are slatted signs, not button copy - Alabama likes slatted signs quite a bit, although I don't know how many are justified by wind. The next-to-last photo is courtesy John Krakoff and submitted by Adam Prince, as is the header photo for this page.

A WB run in the same location. I was heading WB when I took all of my photos, which partly explains why they look so much better than my EB photos. The other half of the explanation is the angle of the sun. The first photo looks like two photos, but I chose to cut out a lot of empty steel gantry rather than compromise sign size in the photo.

The rest of my EB photos in Birmingham. To see the difference that driving the right way away from the sun can make, click on the last photo for a clearer version from John Krakoff, submitted by Adam Prince.

All remaining photos were taken by John Krakoff and submitted by Adam Prince.

Eastbound, one in the Birmingham area and the other well east.

Westbound down to the end of the Exit 191 ramp.

I-59 and I-20/59

Into Mississippi on I-20
Into Georgia on I-20
Exit 130 to US 11
One of many exits to US 78
Exit 136 to I-459
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