Alabama Roads - I-165

Exiting I-10 onto Water St. NB at the Mobile Convention Center, just west of the George Wallace Tunnel. If the tunnel is closed, traffic detours here to the Bankhead Tunnel just to the north (US 98) or all the way up to the Cochrane Bridge (US 90). Once Water St. becomes I-165, the ugly shields give way to ones like you saw atop the page.

Dauphin St. EB in downtown, one of the centers of Mardi Gras celebrations the night before I arrived (which made for a very quiet rush hour).

I-165 begins here at US 90, which is also Truck US 98 to get traffic around the Bankhead Tunnel. I'm guessing this had to be US 90 so that trucks could stay on the US highway network, although that ought not be necessary. The other thing US 90 does is stay away from the heart of the city, but it does so by adding 3 miles. As you see, the detour for I-10 made it all the way up here for those vehicles that couldn't travel on US 98, though locals would have known to exit blocks ago.

Swap the Detour banner for a To, and here's the last ugly I-165 shield you'll see, on Beauregard St. WB at the US 90/I-165 intersection with Water St. Notice that US 98 is signed as if East is to the right, although sane traffic to either US 98 or I-10 would make a left instead.

SB slatted signs on I-165 itself. It's a neat trick until you end up with too many arrows because each part of the sign is made separately. And why can't there be shields here - would the signs blow over?

Larger slatted signs NB, and a rather useless gore sign by comparison. Exit numbers are backwards because the freeway is numbered from the parent route, but that's not supposed to be done.

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