Alabama Roads - I-10

Courtesy J.P. Nasiatka, second photo EB at the entrance to the George Wallace Tunnel.

Whereas I drove the tunnel westbound. Twice, in fact, so you get two photos and then a video you can click on.

WB across Mobile Bay with the city looming behind. These are fine examples of Alabama's slatted signs, here with a reflective border around the exit tab. They'd look a lot nicer if the entirety of the signs were reflective.

WB starting at Baldwin CR 64 EB at I-10 Exit 53. This was the first slatted sign I'd seen in the state. It's also the only blue slatted sign I saw, and it doesn't look much different from the green ones. Or, at night, just about any color looks the same, because they don't reflect. The Exit 38 sign is here for the oversized "1/2".

Into Florida on I-10
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Exit 27 to US 98
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