Alabama Roads - Cherokee County

Cherokee County

All photos, except for one, and all information courtesy J.T. Legg.

Cherokee County and a couple of other AL counties sign private driveways with colorless CR shields for some reason. This is on Cherokee CR 15.

All little white signs are old, such as this one across from Spring Garden High School at Cherokee CR 8. This, courtesy Lou Corsaro, is old enough to have been on AL 73 before renumbering, and then briefly on a secondary route before becoming Cherokee CR 29 SB.

Cherokee CR 43 EB at CR 47; CR 43 turns NB and makes a left here. This then becomes old AL 275, where the following photos were taken:

The entrance to the Little River Canyon Rim Parkway; all that's legible is the name of the road and the fact that speed limit is 30 MPH. Then, further north on the Parkway/old AL 275 (now CR 275) is this bullet-ridden sign in the former DeSoto State Park, now part of the Smokies and thus inside a national park. Further north still, old AL 275 is still a state route, AL 176.

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